Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Skirt collocation

A bright color in the summer make you are a scenery line, not dull, a bright colored skirt will look refreshed, not only can have a good complexion, but also can brighten the whole look, even the simple T-shirt styles can be a non trivial dress .
Hip skirt is one of the most popular style dress this year , the figure highlights the female, a bag hip skirt let you show good figure, and also can improve the woman taste, this strap pink bag hip skirt, with pink color to show a girl van and maintain good curve, matched with the white color lotus leaf ,it is more sweet.

Office ladies are also very suitable for skirt bag hip skirt style, the style is dignified and easy to feel more comfortable , the blue bag hip skirt to the lining of your skin, brighten the whole look, even matched with a simple T-shirt styles also appear very fashion model.

Many girls have wore a retro suspenders skirt styles, you look so young when wearing suspenders skirt collocation, the powder pink skirt styles  can also take a sweet girl taste, with a white T-shirt to the collocation.